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What is a Site Liaison?

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The Site Liaison is the link between a GOTR site and our council. Site Liaisons are responsible for helping a new site get started, for marketing the program, and for overseeing the team and troubleshooting throughout the season. The Site Liaison reports to the GOTR RGV Executive Director. Please see below for a more detailed description of the position.

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Site Liaison Position Profile

The Girls on the Run® Site Liaison must possess a passion for, and commitment to, improving the lives and opportunities of girls in third through eighth grades. The Girls on the Run program provides a safe and interactive way to learn about healthy living which includes an introduction and education on important topics such as goal-setting, cooperation, healthy decision-making, and self-respect, while training for a 5K event. The innovative curriculum teaches girls to listen and open up while also encouraging them to commit to a healthy lifestyle, and harness the inner strength that they possess. Our important mission is accomplished by giving girls the tools to make positive choices for a healthy body and mind, while reducing the many risks they face today.

The Site Liaison reports to the Girls on the Run Executive Director. The Site Liaison is responsible for managing their specific Girls on the Run sites. Some of the key responsibilities falling within these areas include:

Complete site application; gain signature of principal / authority in support of hosting Girls on the Run

  • Identify Outdoor and Indoor practice space for the program
  • Identify storage space for Girls on the Run supplies (If applicable)
  • Assist in the recruitment of at least two coaches for the site
  • Attend any necessary training and informational meetings
  • Be fully apprised of the site requirements and policies
  • Distribute program information, scholarship information, and if applicable, registration materials
  • If you are a paper registration site: Collect registrations, review for accuracy and complete check-list to verify completion of information on registration forms. Follow up with families if necessary.
  • Keep in contact with GOTR RGV staff regarding registration problems or need for additional publicity
  • Meet with coaches one time prior to the start of the season to help familiarize coaches with running routes, practice meeting locations, location of restrooms, administrative offices, medical supplies, AED, etc.
  • If not on site during program hours, perform at least one site visit per season
  • Maintain contact with school/site staff and administration as needed to support the program. (For example, liaise between administration, janitorial staff, etc.. to gain access to classrooms/hallways/ gymnasiums as necessary.)
  • Be available during program hours to assist with troubleshooting either at the facility or with program logistics
  • Provide end of season evaluation/feedback to Executive Director
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