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Girls on the Run RGV Participant Policies

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A girl who meets or can meet requirements for participation in Girls on the Run/Heart & Sole shall not be denied acceptance based on race, religion, color, national origin, citizenship, height, weight, or disability.


In order to participate in Girls on the Run/Heart & Sole, participants must complete an online or paper registration form prior to the first meeting. If registration is not completed, the participant will not be allowed to participate in the program.


Payment must be submitted in full at the time of registration. Any family that cannot afford the $150 registration fee may request a scholarship during the registration process.

Refund of Registration Fee:

GOTR RGV will refund 100% of the registration fee, if requested prior to the 1st lesson. GOTR RGV will refund 50% of the registration fee if requested in writing prior to the 4th lesson of the program. No refunds will be issued after the 4th lesson. If a site is canceled due to insufficient registration or other circumstances deemed appropriate by the Executive Director, the full registration fee will be refunded.

Late Guardian Policy:

Parents/guardians are expected to pick up their child within 10 minutes of the close of session. If a parent/guardian is late more than 2 times, the Executive Director reserves the right to notify the guardian that the girl will no longer be able to attend Girls on the Run/Heart & Sole.  If your daughter is authorized to walk home or to ride home with another adult, parental authorization must be indicated on the registration form and/or in the form of a signed note to the coaches.

Absentee Policy:

Due to the importance of group dynamics and the experiential learning process of the Girls on the Run and Heart & Sole curriculum, girls who are absent for more than four (4) practices during one season may no longer be eligible to participate.  In the event that your daughter needs to miss more than four (4) practices for a medical reason, documentation from a physician may be required in order to continue.

It is critically important to the effectiveness of the girls’ program experience that they participate in both sessions each week and guardians should be informed prior to registration that girls are not allowed to attend only one session a week.  If your daughter is in school during the day, but will not be at Girls on the Run or Heart & Sole that afternoon, please notify the Head Coach so the Coaches do not have to look for her when school is dismissed.

Cancellation Policy:

If the site where a GOTR/Heart & Sole program is being held is closed, because of inclement weather, there will be no practice. If a site or school closes early, or there is bad weather, the parent or guardian should contact the school to find out whether after school activities are being held. GOTR RGV adheres to the cancellation procedures of the location where its practice is being held.  If practices fall on a holiday, it is up to each team to reschedule if possible.

Respectful Behavior Policy:

Girls are expected to behave in a way that permits the coaches to carry out the day’s scheduled activities. Girls who are continually disruptive in a way that prevents the rest of the group from experiencing the benefits of the program may be asked to leave for the rest of the season. A child who engages in behavior that threatens the health or welfare of other participants, administrators or coaches will be released from the program for the remainder of the season. Threatening behavior may include but is not limited to: physical injury, emotional mistreatment, abuse of prescription or illegal drugs, use of alcohol, carrying firearms or other dangerous items, using any item in a dangerous way, or any other activity determined by a coach or administrator to be threatening of another person’s health or well-being.

Girls on the Run RGV, its coaches, and administrators reserve the right to remove from participation any child who for any reason does not fit the mission and goals of the organization.

Girls on the Run RGV functions as a safe place for girls and their coaches to speak freely about issues important to them without concern for ridicule or gossip. It is imperative that all private information discussed within a practice remain confidential and not be discussed by parents, coaches, girls or others outside of practice. Violation of this policy can lead to immediate dismissal. GOTR RGV representatives are, however, mandatory reporters of abuse.

Parental concerns with any of these policies should be directed towards Girls on the Run RGV Executive Director, Melissa Muzquiz at

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